Saturday, June 11, 2016

my daily life and the small miracles

I had an unexpected, amazing conversation with someone I met a couple of years ago, and have not seen since. We have just been introduced then, and I would have probably hardy ever recognized him, if he didn't recognize me. And in the unfolding of this conversation mainly about work, clay and all that which is related to it, when asked about how I price my work and what were the percentages the different sites (such as Etsy or Paypal) take as commission for the service they offer, and I had no idea what to answer, in that very moment of unknowing, this burst of gratitude took hold of my heart, because it was the moment I was yet again shone light upon the fact that everything I do and live in my life is simply an act of love. The fact that I make a living out of that is merely a gift and not a necessity to keep on going with what I do.

Oh and what a wonderful world this is, friends! Our choices define it all. All that we experience is based on the thoughts we choose to think. And thus, what better way to bring about change than to alter our focus.

This is why you will always be able to read my words for what they truly are. This is why you will read about that which I love, that which I celebrate, that which brings me joy. How would I ever be able to bring joy to those around me if I did not dwell in such an emotion most of the time in my own heart? How could I ever bring any form of relief and even comfort to you if I stood in a place of observation of what is and not of what could be? Words are so fickle. Life lived, and all those wonderful experiences that we take delight in or sometimes overcome are those which will ever bring any kind of redundancy, any kind of surplus in meaning to resonate with, to really truly understand what these words reflect.

I am ever so grateful for being able to stand in such a place and do just that. Now. And now. And now.

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