Thursday, June 23, 2016

summer sunshine

Truth be told, I'd love to live in a house with a beautiful garden, tall trees, bushes and wonderful greens to keep me cool in these suffocatingly hot and humid days. But I do not currently live in such an environment.
On most nights I come home from a kiln heated studio to step outside and breath in the urban warmth  and enjoy a cold drink on the balcony of my current apartment. And on most nights I sit in awe about how blessed I am to be able to experience it all and live the kind of life I choose to lead.

And as I sit and allow the warm wind to run and play around my curls in the darkest night, I sit and observe all that is, and I feel all that is about to become, I can't help but appreciate the love toward the kind of life I live every day, the ease I move through my days, the certainty I experience in my most random moments and the answers I receive from the most unexpected encounters.

Life is so easy to be loved, when gratitude becomes a conscious act. Giving grace... it is so easy. And yet we often forget it.

Imagine if I told my story from a different angle. Imagine me telling you what it feels like to work in a studio of 3 active kilns, painting gold luster at a temperature of 36 degrees Celcius all day long, being suffocated not only by the heat but the thick smell of turpentine, acetone and and other smelly solutions, having sweat drip literally from my underwear, then coming home late in the evening to a west-facing apartment within a busy and polluted city, having no fresh air to breath, no cool breeze to temper the heat in my body...

How different it is from the vision I personally call reality... Yet it is the very same life. The very same story. Both are.
My version of the story is, that I live my dream, each and every day, doing what makes my heart smile, creating jewelry that make women feel happy and dishes that make people smile. I work among tiny saved creatures, offering them a better life, while they save me in return each and every single day, over and over again; taking nice long, cleansing walks on the hill above my (our)studio, taking time to fill our souls to the brim with positivity and freedom. Knowing that I am able to return to a beautiful home that satisfies my needs, tends to what I require, shelters me, spoils me and offers me a vivid, yet peaceful life in one of the most enjoyed parts of our city.

Each day we wake up, we have the freedom of choice. And we're so free we can choose limits and literal boundaries. I choose freedom. And love. And a life filled with gratitude as the evening breeze caresses my skin and the few stars that are visible in the urban night shine down on me... Oh life, we've been so blessed to live whichever life we chose. And the amazing in all of it is, we can always come to new agreements, make new choices and adjust it all according to  whatever it is we desire to see and experience in the world around us.

Isn't it amazing that our choices define our present moment; and we have the power to alter it with the thoughts we think each and every single day?

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