Monday, June 27, 2016

the choices we make

There comes a moment when nothing else matters, nothing makes any sense at all, except surrendering to love. And love alone.
We search wide and narrow, our hearts never stop looking for that which is new, that which is unknown and our curiosity is never to be tamed. Change is so easy to embrace once we realize that it is our natural state and nothing ever stays the same, except that which we are. And if that coincides with other people's core essence, then we get to stay in each other's present moment. If not, our journey together served its purpose and ends in order to leave way for the new to come in. So why would you ever force anything onto yourself? Be that any kind of belief, religious or political, dogmatic or fundamental. There is resistance in all of that.
Whenever I'm asked to take sides, I walk away...

I refuse to argue for the limitation of the party I am supposed to represent.
How could I claim to be anything? And say I hold the truth now and that truth will stay the same forever more. Do you honestly believe it really will?

Does it matter what you are, a democrat, a Muslim, a communist, a catholic, a Jew, a ....?
Does it make any difference at all, dear soul? Aren't we all living for the same purpose, except we walk on different journeys on our way there...

So whatever journey you find yourself on, make sure love is the only emotion you feel. Because there is a little truth in everyone's opinion; and there's much resistance for them to overcome, so be gentle. Look for the good in others to find the greatness in the deepest of your heart and let go of your labels. A life without any dots or stars is just a matter of choice, you see. ツ

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