Sunday, July 24, 2016

fire and air

Though unconsciously, yet I now see, that intentionally, in these past years and especially so in recent months I have set everything I know to be true on fire. Everything I thought I was or believed.
And fire cleanses, and hurts, and wounds, and heals in the same exact time, ultimately casting a light more powerful than ever before. 

Each moment we arrive to in life, is so much more than the previous one had ever been. Unique. And powerful.

We often sit blind-folded and closed up by our prior conditioning and our belief system, that we often forget how important it is to detach from it all, to cleanse it out, to stretch into the rigid parts and ease out the tension. We are often grudging ourselves the freedom to become more by choosing the same roads, the same reactions, the same direction, the same words and thoughts. Oh those same thoughts...which soon become our beliefs. Are they worth holding on to, once the wobble sets in, I used to wondered. Surprisingly, we are so keen to push through times like that. We taught ourselves to fight and resist the fire. The delicious and dangerous fire that burns up the delusions and leaves way for learning to breathe again.

Oh, to breathe that fresh air into the soul... and release it again. Trusting, that fresh, cleansing air will always be available when we are ready for it.

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