Thursday, August 11, 2016

simple moments

Together with the arrival of August, at the brink of the change in seasons I can find myself dreaming of recipes that so perfectly caress fall. Aromatic plants, warm spices, creamy textures and the sweetest of smells.Oh those warm socks and long cardigans...

But not so fast, right? As much as I find myself most inspired by the delicious fall season, I adore the present moment. This misty, November-like August morning with freshly brewed coffee steaming on my workbench and doggies sleeping peacefully on their pillows. Cats mostly on the shelves or chairs. The most mundane of days can hold such magnificence.

The other day after my meditation the thought "Give up the battle and give into the ease of the moment" came up so strongly in my heart. Given the fact that I didn't think I was struggling with any given area of life, I found it strange at first. But it made me focus more consciously upon the now. Being present is a choice we have to show up to, until it becomes something normal and then choose it again. Isn't it wonderful that though we often wander off  in opposing directions, we are always guided back toward what feels right...

So let this be the theme of your month, dear soul. August is so easy to appreciate, let's make the most of it by keeping our focus.

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