Friday, September 2, 2016

Bye-bye summer, hello fall

Somehow once we reach mid-August I already start to feel the fall vibe, the air thickens and life starts to get a slower pace. Everything gets done. Though my work-pace rapidly increases and balancing life and running a business seems logically impossible, and still... against all odds, with a calm heart and a centered soul the pieces all fall into their place. It's the magic of  the fall season, I like to think. The most beautiful of them all... Seasoned with soups and stews, topped with scrumptious cookies and pies, what is not to love about it. I won't even go into the boots, knitted socks, long shirts and cardigans subject, I think I've made my point without that one anyway.

This mosaic is a monthly recap using snaps from my instagram page. To see more hop over HERE and follow along as I share photos about work, life and pet-fun! I'm loving it, hope you will too!

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