Friday, September 16, 2016

ON VACATION - Fall break - Shop news

You guys, after long work days, dozens of cat portraits and cake toppers and late night jogs later, to clear my senses under the waxing gibbous, I am finally off to my oh so loved autumn break. Please note, the shop will be open, however shipping the orders will be restarted on the 26th September, when I will be back at the studio.

Custom orders due will be shipped out on Monday the 19th, so no worries. Everything is on point, I made sure of that. So please note, orders placed 16-25 September will start shipping out on 26 September. Until then, I will not be answering emails, as I like to take a little break also from the online world over my holidays. Thanks a bunch for understanding!

I will probably be writing about it afterwards, but just as a little teaser what I can already share is that my holidays are usually a little peculiar, and this one starts out with an Abraham-Hicks seminar held in Rome. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about it! Those to whom the name rings familiar can probably relate to that feeling right now. (doing the happy dance as I am writing this)

And to make up for my absence I'd love to offer you a: coupon code of 15% off all orders placed between 16-25 September. Just enter LOVEFALL15 at checkout! Shop HERE!

Thank you for supporting my dream!
See you soon.

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