Tuesday, September 6, 2016

simple thoughts

I am astonished day after day, how the simple act of questioning beliefs and convictions can change my life and shift the old to something brand new. Something that is true now. In this very moment.
You know, some teachings have been around for so, so very long, and yet for the most part they are overrated beyond measure, and yet we, as a society, we keep them alive for the sake of tradition. A better word to use would be dogma. Ego-centric and fear-based, just like any field that is incapable of progress.

On all occasions, also now, some of my simplest and seemingly isolated thoughts emerge from worlds of stories under the surface... And a tiny part of the story behind the few lines above naturally rose after a wedding ceremony I attended over this past weekend. I have never been to an Orthodox wedding event before, so everything that had happened and that was said came like a cold shower just now, with no drops of cold water to caution me prior to it.

Religion. Such a delicate subject. And truth be told, I hesitated when thinking about posting this.
Not because I am in any way scared to stand up for my emotions and my beliefs, but because in this era of opinions I often find grace in withdrawing from expressing one out loud. I simply don't find it reasonable to waste words on trying to convince others of my truth.

And yet, the impulse seems so strong, it is obvious it would not rest until it hit those letters on the keyboard.

So. Religion. Any religion for that matter.
I playfully acknowledge the rigid feel of superiority in all of them. All of them claiming their superiority with a humble head bow that masks a certain amount of hypocrisy, offering merely partial answers for those burning questions in the hearts of their followers, creating a serious duality between the divine and the human. No wonder so many misunderstand the core values and the simplest of laws in the universe...

I feel myself easily swept into philosophical paragraphs, but the point of this post will only come clean if I stick to the essence of my initial message. So let me curl back to it. Overrated-ness is a keyword. The different religious beliefs. Rigid, prehistoric behaviour. Where it is thought that a woman needs to serve her husband. Serve. In its most literal meaning. In the "serve and shut the hell up" type of sense. I was shocked. To hear this in the 21st century. Where men and women align for human rights, for compassion and for kindness. For equality. For equal rights and fair implementation of these.

It was not the first time. And it is by no means a unique example, or a single topic. I have many from the most personal to the most global ones. And here we stand on the brink of religious teachings, in this glorious 21st century with a soul full of questions and uncertainties, and in the same time a soul filled with answers and gratitude.

And the laws of the Univers are simpler than that which the religiously conditioned mind can conceive.

In the end, being a compassionate human being, lacking the woman-man-muslim-hindu-christian-good-bad-tall-fat-etc. labels, is the essence of our existence. We exist now and continue to exist on this planet because we are capable of progress. Questioning wether what we say, what we do, why we said or did that which resulted is the most important spring of life. And the easiest judge of the outcome are our feelings. They never lie, because the source within us (yes, within US!) will never fail to be the truest and most honest guide, governing our souls.

There! Five paragraphs that will make almost no sense to most of you out there. But there will be a tiny percent of you old souls, who will stumble upon this post in the right timing and allow yourselves to be carried away to the tangled strings of thoughts in my mind through these few lines, and see beyond words. I salute you!

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