Monday, December 26, 2016

merry and bright

Last night, as I stepped out my parents' door I turned back and kissed my mother again, thanking her for the past nearly 30 years of fabulous food and nurturing every single Christmas eve (and not only). She is the mom kind. Mother material. You know? Real mother type, whatever that means to you. You know that feeling when you meet a woman or a man, about your parents' age, and you just feel a mom/dad kind of vibe? Well, my mother has a mom-vibe, sweet, silent and kind. Her presence is not felt because she is all over the place, acting out. Her presence is felt, because she IS there. She participates. She does. She does not talk about what she is doing. She just does, and everything is tended to without boasting. She is the kind of woman who makes it happen and makes it all look easy. When in fact it is not.

So, today, I am grateful for the things and most of all for the people I often take for granted in my life. Because these are the people and the events who truly make MY world go round.

And that is one hell-of-a blessing!

So take a moment this Christmas to count your blessings, there are more than you'll ever know...

I hope you find the way to your heart not only now, on Christmas day, but every single day over the coming year!

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