Thursday, April 27, 2017

Creatives Unite! at Impact Club

You guys!!!
Come to Impact Hub, Cluj Napoca, tonight at 7 pm and listen to me rambling on about how I love my oh so imperfect life into place, and how easy it is to love yours and follow the journey that your heart projects to you.

No fancy speeches, I promise! Just relatable stories that will hopefully ignite the spark in your soul.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

A wound that would not heal...


This belongs to the posts I never intended to publish. The words that have not yet found closure. The feelings that are not able to let go and move on yet. Not yet. But soon. As soon as the mountains learn to move, and the streams begin to part.

The passing of time. Ageing. Crow's feet. And the wrinkles on my forehead. If I had the chance to start all over again, I wouldn't change a thing. Because the person I am today, the courage I have gained, the confidence I've gathered and the freedom I embrace have arrived at the right time, due to the right challenges. Otherwise I would not be the person I am. I would not have made the discoveries I have. I would hardly be able to tackle life in the rhythm I do today, if it were not to everything I lived to this very moment in time.

Last year was the end of a chapter, and this one is the beginning of a new one.
What will it hold? Who knows? But I am ready today, for whatever I am ready today, knowing that tomorrow I will be ready to receive just a bit more. And that is the essence of life. More. A little more clarity. Every single morning we awake to a new day. To a bit of progress. To embracing the new hues that have been laid out  for us...Well, at least the shades we are able to recognize... The ones we are able to feel. To truly see. With eyes shut. In the darkness. Heart opened.

| photo credit Sanda Potor