Saturday, May 6, 2017

Goodbye blog

With great melancholy I have to announce that this little corner of the web is closing. It has been a great ride, wonderful lessons have been learned and life that was well lived has been documented on this space. I was revisiting some of my older posts and I found it astounding to see where it has all started and how far I have come. Getting older does have its magical benefits, and for the downsides eye-cream was invented!

But let us not get carried away with sadness, as I am not going anywhere, only my blog is. On happier news, FINALLY, I have a website **drum-roll**, and I am moving my butt over to that space entirely, so you will still be able to read my ramblings if you are brave enough, be the first to hear any news regarding Jasmin Blanc Studio and take glimpses into my life whenever you feel a bit nosy.

Looking forward to see you guys over there! The layout is not entirely final just yet, so if you visit twice don't be surprised if you have landed to a new space, I am changing my mind quite fast when it comes to this subject, so I am still at the stage of experimenting and playing to enhance your visit.

Bye bye sweet blog, you've endured loads of laughs, soaked up lots of tears and allowed patiently for all of it to transform me into a better version of myself. It has been fun!

Now let's start a new chapter:

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